Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Casa Madrid...

A neutral base paint the walls to highlight the works of contemporary art from the residence of a couple who lives near Madrid, Spain. The white and gray lining, however, highlights the only paintings and sculptures, he also favors the use of color and texture in the environments.

Decorators Pocovi Paco Ramon Jury and finishes carefully chosen to make a setting of luxury in every detail. In the same room, marble lines the fireplace, Japanese tissue covering the windows, plaster ceiling and mark the footers, and lacquer esmalta some furniture, without any material which interferes with the other. The combination causes a enhances the quality of the other.

The detailed prospecting of the furniture is the finishing point in the scenario and injects harmonic color in this dialogue between the parts, materials and textures. Thus, unexpected elements come together and create a second reading of the spaces.