Monday, March 27, 2017

An Artful Display in São Paulo by Felipe Hess ... Photo by Ruy Teixeira.

When Brazilian architect, Felipe Hess, was hired to renovate and reconfigure a grand, 450 square meter apartment on the corner of one of São Paulo's most significant avenue's, Avenida Paulista, he knew exactly what the main focus of the final project was going to be: his young client's vast and impressive art and furniture collection. In order to achieve this, the architect created a striking "blank canvas" which creates a determined and dramatic backdrop for its contents.
Completed in 2013, the original plan of the apartment has been completely reconstructed. Gone are the "compartmentalized rooms," including most of the dividing walls between the public rooms intended for entertaining such as the living room, kitchen and dining room. The same goes for the four bedrooms since the apartment now boasts only two, including the master bedroom of which is a vast, 100 square meter space