Sunday, October 30, 2016

Maurizio Cattelan returns to the art world with a major exhibit at the Monnaie de Paris..

maurizio cattelan returns to the art world after a five year hiatus by staging a major exhibition — his largest in europe to date — at monnaie de paris. on view from now through january 8, 2017, ‘not afraid of love’, curated by chiara parisi, puts a selection of cattelan’s most famed work in dialogue with each other, forming a new perspective on the artist’s manifold oeuvre.

‘this exhibition is truly the first one, after the guggenheim exhibition, that brings together more than three works by me at the same time,’ cattelan says about ‘not afraid of love’. ‘it’s a special edition of the things I did before retiring. let’s say that it’s a post requiem exhibition like a poe story, I seem to be dead but I can still see and listen to everything around me.’