Thursday, October 15, 2015

Caprice artist..... Between Ghost and visionary madness palace, place his whimsical white Casapueblo in Uruguay, facing the blue Atlantic. A signed work-hotel Carlos Paez Vilaro.

There are few common pathways. This has taken the artist Carlos Páez Vilaró to complete the work that takes place on these pages deserve ours and his correspondence - Paris / Buenos Aires / Montevideo / Punta del Este, last stop of this tourist paradise for access.
As the horizon cut by the barrier resorts mirror disappears, the ocean, in its majestic version appears. The wind rises, the waves breaking on the rocks, we already begin the last paved loop as Punta Ballena (Whale Point of), where the ocean and the Río de La Plata come to measure and where, under our feet, as on the cliff, runs the broad set of Casapueblo.
At its subject, some guides discussed the outlines of the houses of Santorini, other those of fairy chimneys in Cappadocia observed. Carlos Páez Vilaró would actually drawn shapes mud nests created by Fournier - the bird that hovers over our heads since we arrived. Whatever the origin, Casapueblo offers cement page whitewashed; one way trip in an imaginary world. Our continent also seems far away, and yet impossible not to think about it, not to think of Gaudí's Sagrada Familia, or the Palais Postman Cheval, and all these follies built by the hand of a man.