Thursday, September 24, 2015

'California Dreamin'... The Californian dream outdoor living reality in this family home, where parents and children have been consulted to create your ideal space. Surfer design, dressing 10: have them.

A family. Three children. Parents, employers and owners of large companies norteamericas landscaping ( Valley Crest ). Yes, wealthy, but family needs space after all. The place, they dream big and old, all that which has happened to us over the head ever: California, Malibu to be exact. This was a house eighties, with the help of interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard , became "a beautiful family home is not just a beach house, but also an oasis, and fulfills the dream of the typical outdoor life California at its best. The wonderful house in Malibu is that people can actually live out their fantasies and this allowed me to explore my client decorative dreams and turn them into a reality, Malibu style! "says Bullard.PHOTOS DR