Sunday, July 12, 2015

The sweet palace life.... Inaugurated in 1909, this hotel where Marcel Proust wrote some chapters of The Search is getting a makeover to address the twenty-first century.

The advantage of spa towns is that it rests there. With its imposing façade Belle Époque, the majestic view on the shores of Lake Geneva, its endless rooms, the Hotel Royal Evian exudes an opulent serenity. Revamped by the interior designer François Champsaur, this palace whose decor announces the Art Deco shed its skin smoothly. Everywhere, the Parisian interior designer disposed of the club chairs to ear: in bedrooms, living rooms and even around restaurant tables ... The man has had the good taste to modernize the premises with fingering through contemporary touches, such as a bar to the design lines, especially leveraging the comfy sofas. Once there, great is the desire not to leave the hotel on a golf course, a swimming pool, a gym and a hydromassage path outdoors particularly relaxing.

Hotel Royal Evian, 960, avenue du Leman, 74500 Neuvecelle, Évian-les-Bains;

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