Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mediterranean paradise.... The dream of a prince put the Costa del Sol on the map of international luxury. After more than 60 years, the legendary 'Marbella Club' remains a benchmark of good taste. BY EDUARDO MERLO

Marbella was still unknown to many Spaniards, but among European aristocrats began to sound like one of the favorite destinations to forget, if only for a few months, the ravages of the recently completed World War II. Ricardo Soriano, the eccentric Marquis de Ivanrey, had seen to praise the wonders of this magical corner of the Mediterranean between north acquaintances. With statements such as "with what it costs you your palace warm one winter, you buy a farm here," he convinced his cousin, Prince Maximilian of Hohenlohe, so that in 1947 put towards the Costa del Sol with itsRolls Royce Phantom .