Monday, September 2, 2013

Like many people, the Italians have a habit of moving with the arrival of summer. In the case of family Laviani, the destination is Foussais-Payré within neighboring France. There, they take the opportunity to relax and disconnect yourself from the amenities of the modern world. At any point of more than 80 000 m² of his ground, picks up the phone and the internet is evil fickle. Even indoors the technology does not present itself in all its voluptuousness usual: on television, there are only five available channels. "When you get used to it, happens to sit in a chair with a book in hand," says Ferruccio Laviani, the most illustrious member of the family, which is badaladíssimo designer. Behold the hardiness of the summers Laviani. The rest of the story is not so, so modest. It begins with the phrase: There was once a castle .