Friday, September 21, 2012

XXVIth Biennale des Antiquaires... On the occasion of the XXVIth Biennale des Antiquaires, Chaumet captures the spirit of 12, place Vendôme. This is where the Maison’s private mansion and its historic salons, its museum, its workshop and creative studio are located; where the Maison’s heart and soul resides, ever since its founding in 1780. Under the great glass roof of the Grand Palais, Chaumet presents its high jewellery collection, 12 Vendôme. Twelve jewellery sets, combining French classicism and modernity, embody the style, the creativity and the jewellery excellence of 12, Vendôme. From the princess’ set that opens the ball to the impertinent aigrette, crowned with the blaze of an incredible white opal: Parisian elegance with a hint of irreverence. ..