Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pierre Durand New York Residence...

Pierre Durand, a financier and director of Adair Capital, also “moonlights” as owner of The Chinese Porcelain Company, a gallery on Park Avenue. His 5th Avenue home was one of the most exquisite we have visited and the pictures, we hope, are an absolute treat for NYSD readers. He himself is, and we don’t want to gush, a gentleman, Old World-by-way-of-the-New World for he was born in Lima, Peru of French and Italian parents. He has impeccable manners but is neither stiff nor formal and impeccable taste that is neither stuffy nor predictable—perhaps we are gushing … although we did, at one point inelegantly shriek “What a life you’ve made for yourself!!” as we discovered that not only does he have this apartment but that he also has an apartment in Paris and a modern house in the hills of Los Angeles.