Monday, November 28, 2011

Fashion İcon Daphne Guinness... Daphne Guinness Heiress, Muse, designer, collector of haute couture and the mother of three children.. Daphne Guinness (her full name - Daphne Suzanne Diana Joan Guinness) was born in 1967 in the family brewery heir Jonathan Guinness baron and his second wife Suzanne Lisno (died in 2005 from lung cancer). As a child, she loved to spend the summer in Spain, in the house of Salvador Dali, which often swim in his pool filled with lobsters. In the mid-80s, she lived in New York with his sister Katherine, who has worked with Andy Warhol. There she met her future husband Spiros, the son of Greek billionaire Stavros Niarhosa. In 1987, at age 20, Daphne married him. They divorced after 12 years. In this marriage Daphne had three children - Nicholas in 1989, Alexis in 1991 and Inez in 1995. Daphne was a close friend Isabella Blow . They loved to work together for a photo session. Two eccentric, they understood each other perfectly - they share a love for theater costumes and a close friendship with Alexander McQueen . Daphne considers suicide Isabella a major loss of his life. In 2010, it bought at auction Christie's entire wardrobe Blow, since she did not want "a collection of all life Izzy were separated into pieces lovers gift." In 2007, in collaboration with the London-Dover Street Market Daphne launched her own clothing line, which is so called - «Daphne». And in 2009, the same name was created for her Comme Des Garsons flavor. "I love the smell of moss, clay, amber and churches" - she said The Daily Telegraph. In the same year she became the face of Akris and Cosmetics Nars (the creator of which, Francois Nars, called her his main muse). Daphne conducted the auction, which has sold 10 rails of clothes and accessories from his extensive collection. All the money she gave to a charity Womankind, dealing with the problems of women in developing countries.



"You know, a lot of people think they’re going to get to a nirvana of cooldom one day, but in fact that place doesn’t really exist. I think life is about having the mixture of the curiosity of an older person and the imagination of a child."

   The Honourable Daphne Diana Joan Suzannah Guinness (born 9 November 1967 in Hampstead, London ) is an artist of Irish, English, and French descent and an heiress of the Guinness family. She was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1994.
Guinness has designed a range of clothing with Dover Street Market and released an eponymous fragrance in 2009 with Comme des Garçons. Guinness has collected fashion, specifically haute couture, for a number of years, and in 2010 bought the entire wardrobe of the late Isabella Blow, in her owns words, to “prevent Issie’s possessions becoming mere morbid memorabilia… to preserve it.” She has a fascination with armour, and in 2006 approached her great friend Shaun Leane to create a gold and diamond arm glove. Titled 'Contra Mundum' or 'Against The World', this handcrafted, intricately made objet d’art took five years to create and develop and is perhaps one of the most technically advanced pieces in the world of artisan jewels.
Guinness is prominent in the fashion world as a journalist and collector of haute couture. She has an interest in the use of armour in fashion. She was a model in Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief runway show for the White Ribbon Alliance to raise funds for mothers in Haiti in 2010. In September 2010, NARS Cosmetics will launch a new collection dedicated to her.